Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

001: Rootah

15:03:56 Opening file: “001: Rootah”…
15:03:56: Reading…

R3 astromech series AB10, along with Annlily and Dilo, investigated the whereabouts of Rootah in the palace in Toydaria.  The appearance of subject was entirely unknown and a scan of the palace guest list revealed no one under that alias.  The unit attempted to explore the palace to find any data caches to locate or identify any information related to the subject’s whereabouts.

The group was being watched closely by the palace guard, and the curious actions of the females were to enter a waste disposal chamber and deposit waste to lose suspicion. R3-AB10 followed the females, and the group contacted Ama who reported to be in undocumented tunnels under the city.  Upon exiting the waste disposal chamber, palace guards incapacitated the group and stored them in captivity under the palace.  Annlily, Dilo, and R3-AB10 resumed consciousness and terminated three Toydarian prison guards.  An incapacitated Imperial official (apparent Moff) was restrained with us, and after Annlily provided medical aid to the female human, she requested to be brought home in exchange for rewards. 
R3-AB10 attempted to weld through .71 meters of solid rock in what appeared to be seams in the dungeon walls.  A more efficient exit was found when Kazahk and Ama opened a passage at one of the seams from the outside and informed us that Bones may have departed with the ship without the unit and that Rootah was on the ship.  
Immediately, the group departed the tunnels which led to the dungeon and quickly boarded a Lambda-class T4A shuttle belonging to Rootah to depart Toydaria and identify next steps.


D3519N3R rpeabody

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