Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

Audio Log #1 - Kazahk Dorn

Shortly after the destruction of Cotelier

Audio Log #1 – Kazahk Dorn

Date, uhh… minutessss after the death of our homeworld?

                We’re not exsactly accusstomed to writing journal entriesss. Lack of an ability to do ssso iss an obviousss factor, coupled with a lack of care to do sso. Thiss ssituation iss, however, markedly different.

                We finally found a way off this masssive ssand ball, though we had to do a little bit of finagling to purchassse ssafe passssage. The Imperial we met, a female blue-sskinned offisser—Chissss we believe her rasse is called—offered a trade to me: passssage offworld in exchange for a hyperdrive one of my… devoteesss… had procured. A sstrange group, but one we won’t likely deal with again. The Imperial, Bonesss, ssuggessted we accompany her on her missionsss, an entissing offer for ourself, as we are ssearching for more ruinsss in order to disscover what thisss… “Force”… iss about.

                However, we had to return to Kettletown to get to the sship… we thought we’d be done with that plasse… And, of courssse, complicationss arose. Apparently, the Imperialss disscovered that a Rebel inssurgent group had plans to threaten the sssity. I desssided the easiesst ssolution would be to aid in the invesstigation and ssspeed my departure.

                Meren was a good man. I would occasionally go to hisss bar when I would come back for ssupliess. He would  alwaysss make ssure I wass cared for and ssupplied. What happened to hiss brother wasss a tragedy. I knew he wass hurting, but I did not expect hiss ssorrow to drive him to what he did…

                <sigh>… Damn…

                Cotelier iss no more. Our home, our ssity, our father, even those damned annoying devoteessss…

                Well, Meren, we guessss we both got what we wanted, didn’t we?

End log


D3519N3R RolandMoznayim

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