Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

Audio Log #2 - Kazahk Dorn

After recovery of Rootah, son of Lady Looha

Audio Log #2 – Kazahk Dorn

Date, we really need to get a chronometer or ssomething…

                We are about to depart to help Ama not die in a most humiliating way; it would be unfortunate to losses ssuch an assset as another Force user.

                We arrived on Toydaria earlier today to do a job for Lady Looha, a powerful Hutt in the Cartel. Apparently, our dear leader Bonesss had a debt that needed paid. And ssso here we are on Toydaria to hunt Looha’s son, named Rootah.

                While two of usss took the droid and went to the palasse to invesstigate there, Ama accompanied uss to search the ssity. Becausse if one wishess to remain hidden, why would one go to the palasse? However, though Ama wass quite helpful in getting a Twi’lek sslave girl to tell uss of a ssecret tunnel in a nearby well, she iss proving quite difficult to work with… Lossing ssome expenssive clothing meanss nothing, but lossing the ability to regroup with the otherss after acquiring Rootah ssomewhat sstymied our plansss…

                No matter, the tassk wass done. After happening upon the Dug in the residential disstrict, we ssplit up, and we ourself tracked him to a gambling den. And, well, even the mosst guarded of men can be perssuaded with a bit of friendly dissscussion and alcohol.

                Now he iss ssafely onboard the ssship… but no one elssse hass returned. Ama hass reported that she iss planning to get hersself killed, and we are at an impasssse. We are no fighter, but we would be in a far worsse position if we abandon her. Alsso, she may have found ssomething regarding our other missssing compatriotss…

                We are learning very quickly that free ridess are very rarely free. It iss too ssoon for us to meet our end here.

Can thiss situation get worssse?

End log


D3519N3R RolandMoznayim

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