Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

Excursion 001 - Entry 001

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Target destination was ultimately achieved after an uncalculated error.  An unidentified Imperial TIE/LN starfighter disabled BTL-A4 unit 1204 via laser cannon.  Upon impact, thrusters were offline, sending  us to target planet's desert surface.  Upon attempts to disembark, it was discovered the ship's concussion on the planet's surface compromised the integrity of a buried structure, into which the ship descended.  The sand-filled terrain collapsed above the ship, sealing pilot, ship, and assigned astromech within the structure.

BTL-A4 unit 1204 systems scan revealed it was disabled beyond feasible repair.  Seemingly insentient arthropods attacked pilot Annlily Greenlan and R3 astromech droid AB10 unsuccessfully and were immediately exterminated.  Upon examination, the building which was descended upon was primarily made of stone common to the area with portions appearing to have been altered by sentient lifeforms.  Pillars and walls which held the structure were partially decorated with artwork with possible religious significance.

After the pilot pulled a sophisticated series of levers and switches, seven native, humanoid, sentient lifeforms were encountered.  They appeared to be no threat and asserted they, too, were trapped within the structure. AB10 analyzed for possible ways to resurface while pilot Greenlan and the other lifeforms introduced themselves.  

A sizable explosion from the surface which unsettled the blockade of sand that was trapping crew inside the structure.  A TRAST A-A5 Heavy Speeder Truck was found to be source of the blast.  The mission of the A-A5 crew was apparent to acquire Annlily Greenlan and R3-AB10 for a special ops Imperial mission, on which the two agreed to comply.  The native lifeforms were also let aboard the A-A5 to assist in the mission.  The crew consisted of a Nautolan named Laoch, a Chiss named Bones, a Tortuga named Alama, and a half droid with no name mentioned.

11:23:11 Closing file "Excursion 001"…


D3519N3R rpeabody

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