Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

Is this thing on?

<Static> Useless piece of shit! <thud followed by audio feedback> much better, is this thing on? Mmmm sounds like it. I found this data recorder on one of the bodies we spaced back at the Den. If anyone gives a karking shit listen up. People call me Scalper, lets just say I got the name from a hobby of mine. Just a brief rundown of whats happened recently. Lets talk about this shit storm of a mess this astromech droid has got us in. This stoopa rolling trashcan has managed to piss off both the imps and rebs and took the rest of us along for the ride. If I wasn't so mad myself about losing so many contacts I'd be excited for this new challenge. I will say it makes things simple for me now, I like simple. Dead rebs and dead imps, either way I love killin.


So we've left the Den to check out this planet. Peeri sent me to look for some boy, he's dead by the way Peeri is. Anyways the planet for the most part seems quiet. Except for where we landed. I guess the engines riled up a den of hyenax, nasty as sithspit they are. Not sure how the others felt about it but I was ready for a good fight. They tore some of the others up pretty bad too <chuckle> I like em, the hyenax. After a bit the Alpha stepped out looking for a tussle. I obliged em by hurling an armor piercing grenade at his grundle <more chuckling> seemed to get his attention. We smacked each other around a little and got into a screaming match. Lets just say these hyenax have a new pack leader now. Oh ya and we found the boy, he's some sort of devaronian hermit. Not really to sure how useful he is going to be. Times running short kids so I'll leave you with some advice, stay away from the Star Den if you know what's good for you. If you are soft in the head though ill be waiting.                              

<end communication>


D3519N3R TheChronicler

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