Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

Things are looking up.

The inner monologue of a homicidal gank bounty hunter.

This is great. I thought this whole freelance gig was going to be for the dogs. Sure things were great working for Madam Looha. I mean three meals a day, all the cybernetics I wanted, any gun that caught my eye was mine. It was fun hunting down unpaid debts for a bit but after awhile it became the same karking thing. But this, this is what makes me feel alive. I wish at times I had someone else along for the ride who could appreciate some action. Sometimes I think the others don't enjoy the excitement like I do. Who doesn't enjoy a good thermal detonator stand-off? I sure as shit do! Although I did almost lose control of that hyenax alpha, luckily Kazahk radioed me. Having him around reminds me of home a little, the alpha that is. Kazahk's alright to I guess, I think he would have made a better bounty hunter though. He has that cunning working for him kind of like Kel. Enough about that though.

Not only did we show up those mandalorian commandos and track down where their precious mandalore went. We also have been eaten by some sort of monsterous sand worm! I cant wait to see the look on those weak commando faces when I punch my way out of the stomach of this thing and we have their mandalore with us! I will admit it would be easier if I had the hammer with me and It wasn't so dark in here and their mandalore may be dead but beggars cant be choosers or some karking shit like that. Maybe next week Ill be able to cross off that escape pod boarding scenario after all!



D3519N3R TheChronicler

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