Kazahk Dorn

An Arcona searching deeply into the mysteries of the Force


Tall, young, and slender Arcona with dark reddish-brown skin and vibrant green eyes.


Kazahk Dorn was born into a simple mining family on the Outer Rim world of Cotellier. He always had a special aura, and was capable of supernatural powers, making him quite the discussion topic around the mining colony. This also inspired him to study diligently regarding the nature of his abilities, but no one dared speak of it. He remained determined however, to learn who he is and what his role in the galaxy was. But his mother died in childbirth and his father fell into a heavy salt addiction, leaving young Kazahk to fend for himself. After a particularly severe fight with his father, he left home, and entered the vast red desert. At the time, it seemed as though Kazahk wandered aimlessly through the featureless sands. On the contrary, he felt a guiding hand in his mind. Suddenly, the sand collapsed underneath him, and he sank beneath the desert.

He woke up to find himself in a dark, but massive chasm. However, the walls of the cave were impossibly smooth, and Kazahk realized that he was not in a cave, but rather an ancient structure that has since sunken under the dunes. What’s more, there was a presence here, a power that he felt guiding him, but never heard a name for. People in the colony had whispered the word ‘Jedi,’ but none dared explain what they were. Perhaps those myths had some merit to them after all?

Kazahk searched the building fervently, but he was unable to salvage anything of value. But he saw enough to confirm his suspicions of the place, and he decided to stay there, only leaving to gather food and water. He spent long hours in deep meditation, allowing the sensations and presences around him to guide his mind. Through these sessions, he learned of the existence and nature of the Force, as well as the fate of the Jedi who once dwelled there. But this only fueled his curiosity more. What is the Force? How does it have such an impact on the physical world? What makes it able to see visions of things past and things to come? He had to know!

After a few years of solitude, Kazahk had a disturbing dream regarding his father. Since his source of water had also dried out, he decided it was time to return to the colony. Many were amazed, thinking he had died long ago in the desert. Upon asking about his father, their expressions darkened, and they told him of how he fell even farther into his addictions, even killing a man to steal his supply of salt. He was slated to be executed in a few days. Kazahk had few good memories of his father, but he still wished to see him. When he entered the prison, he saw his father writhing in his cell, clearly in immense withdrawal pains. Feeling a powerful desire to do so, Kazahk reached out, and electricity burst from his hand like great purple tendrils, striking his father and leaving him unconscious on the floor, in clear agony. Amazed at what just happened, Kazahk knelt down, and he touched the head of his now unconscious father. He suddenly felt a warmth from his hand, and something like a power leaving him. After a few moments, his father’s breathing slowed, his fever reduced significantly.

Kazahk speedily left the prison, not fearful or horrified, but simply wondering at what just happened, when a group of locals, young and old, surround him. But rather than attack him, they ask if they may follow him back to the temple he had discovered. Not necessarily agreeing, but not disagreeing either, Kazahk told them to do as they wished and began the trek back.

Upon returning to the temple, those who followed him were awed by the massive underground structure, and they took it to be a sign of the return of “Dor’Nova,” a legend that, as Kazahk later put it: “they undoubtedly made up on the spot to give a spot of light in their otherwise dour existence. I explained that so long as they did not disturb my studies, I would not have them all exterminated.” The ‘Followers of Dor’Nova,’ as they called themselves, were eager students, and never hesitated to volunteer to “assist” in Kazahk’s experiments with the Force. Curious at their devotion, Kazahk made sure to protect them from whatever threats may come in from the hostile desert.

After a time, a small village was created in the temple, and even small children were found running through the halls of the ancient temple. The villagers decided to begin bringing offerings to Kazahk, hailing him as a prophet and avatar of their “Dor’Nova,” to which Kazahk paid little heed as he continued to grow stronger in the Force. However, the presence of the common folk had a side effect that he did not anticipate: the emanations of the Force in the temple began to weaken.

Kazahk realized that he could not attain the full knowledge of the Force that he desired here, and that the time was rapidly approaching where he would no longer be able to meditate on the Force on the planet of Cotellier. And so he made plans to depart from the temple, much to the dismay of the people. However, he had learned enough of their strange theology to convince them that Dor’Nova was taking him on a journey of discovery across the galaxy, and that their deity had called him offworld. Kazahk then departed from the temple, feeling a slight sense of sadness at leaving everyone and everything he knew behind. It did not deter him in the slightest, though, as his curiosity of the Force was only further strengthened by his experiences. Were he to become careless, his thirst for knowledge could very easily turn into an obsession.

Now with the strange followers behind and the entire galaxy of wonders ahead, what lies in store for the young and eager Arcona? Would his strong attachment to the Force bring peace to the galaxy, or an enshrouding darkness?

Kazahk Dorn

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