Stray Stars: The Grand Scheme

001: Rootah

15:03:56 Opening file: “001: Rootah”…
15:03:56: Reading…

R3 astromech series AB10, along with Annlily and Dilo, investigated the whereabouts of Rootah in the palace in Toydaria.  The appearance of subject was entirely unknown and a scan of the palace guest list revealed no one under that alias.  The unit attempted to explore the palace to find any data caches to locate or identify any information related to the subject’s whereabouts.

The group was being watched closely by the palace guard, and the curious actions of the females were to enter a waste disposal chamber and deposit waste to lose suspicion. R3-AB10 followed the females, and the group contacted Ama who reported to be in undocumented tunnels under the city.  Upon exiting the waste disposal chamber, palace guards incapacitated the group and stored them in captivity under the palace.  Annlily, Dilo, and R3-AB10 resumed consciousness and terminated three Toydarian prison guards.  An incapacitated Imperial official (apparent Moff) was restrained with us, and after Annlily provided medical aid to the female human, she requested to be brought home in exchange for rewards. 
R3-AB10 attempted to weld through .71 meters of solid rock in what appeared to be seams in the dungeon walls.  A more efficient exit was found when Kazahk and Ama opened a passage at one of the seams from the outside and informed us that Bones may have departed with the ship without the unit and that Rootah was on the ship.  
Immediately, the group departed the tunnels which led to the dungeon and quickly boarded a Lambda-class T4A shuttle belonging to Rootah to depart Toydaria and identify next steps.

Audio Log #2 - Kazahk Dorn
After recovery of Rootah, son of Lady Looha

Audio Log #2 – Kazahk Dorn

Date, we really need to get a chronometer or ssomething…

                We are about to depart to help Ama not die in a most humiliating way; it would be unfortunate to losses ssuch an assset as another Force user.

                We arrived on Toydaria earlier today to do a job for Lady Looha, a powerful Hutt in the Cartel. Apparently, our dear leader Bonesss had a debt that needed paid. And ssso here we are on Toydaria to hunt Looha’s son, named Rootah.

                While two of usss took the droid and went to the palasse to invesstigate there, Ama accompanied uss to search the ssity. Becausse if one wishess to remain hidden, why would one go to the palasse? However, though Ama wass quite helpful in getting a Twi’lek sslave girl to tell uss of a ssecret tunnel in a nearby well, she iss proving quite difficult to work with… Lossing ssome expenssive clothing meanss nothing, but lossing the ability to regroup with the otherss after acquiring Rootah ssomewhat sstymied our plansss…

                No matter, the tassk wass done. After happening upon the Dug in the residential disstrict, we ssplit up, and we ourself tracked him to a gambling den. And, well, even the mosst guarded of men can be perssuaded with a bit of friendly dissscussion and alcohol.

                Now he iss ssafely onboard the ssship… but no one elssse hass returned. Ama hass reported that she iss planning to get hersself killed, and we are at an impasssse. We are no fighter, but we would be in a far worsse position if we abandon her. Alsso, she may have found ssomething regarding our other missssing compatriotss…

                We are learning very quickly that free ridess are very rarely free. It iss too ssoon for us to meet our end here.

Can thiss situation get worssse?

End log

Audio Log #1 - Kazahk Dorn
Shortly after the destruction of Cotelier

Audio Log #1 – Kazahk Dorn

Date, uhh… minutessss after the death of our homeworld?

                We’re not exsactly accusstomed to writing journal entriesss. Lack of an ability to do ssso iss an obviousss factor, coupled with a lack of care to do sso. Thiss ssituation iss, however, markedly different.

                We finally found a way off this masssive ssand ball, though we had to do a little bit of finagling to purchassse ssafe passssage. The Imperial we met, a female blue-sskinned offisser—Chissss we believe her rasse is called—offered a trade to me: passssage offworld in exchange for a hyperdrive one of my… devoteesss… had procured. A sstrange group, but one we won’t likely deal with again. The Imperial, Bonesss, ssuggessted we accompany her on her missionsss, an entissing offer for ourself, as we are ssearching for more ruinsss in order to disscover what thisss… “Force”… iss about.

                However, we had to return to Kettletown to get to the sship… we thought we’d be done with that plasse… And, of courssse, complicationss arose. Apparently, the Imperialss disscovered that a Rebel inssurgent group had plans to threaten the sssity. I desssided the easiesst ssolution would be to aid in the invesstigation and ssspeed my departure.

                Meren was a good man. I would occasionally go to hisss bar when I would come back for ssupliess. He would  alwaysss make ssure I wass cared for and ssupplied. What happened to hiss brother wasss a tragedy. I knew he wass hurting, but I did not expect hiss ssorrow to drive him to what he did…

                <sigh>… Damn…

                Cotelier iss no more. Our home, our ssity, our father, even those damned annoying devoteessss…

                Well, Meren, we guessss we both got what we wanted, didn’t we?

End log

Excursion 001 - Entry 001

11:23:05: Opening file: "Excursion 001"…
11:23:05: Reading…

Target destination was ultimately achieved after an uncalculated error.  An unidentified Imperial TIE/LN starfighter disabled BTL-A4 unit 1204 via laser cannon.  Upon impact, thrusters were offline, sending  us to target planet's desert surface.  Upon attempts to disembark, it was discovered the ship's concussion on the planet's surface compromised the integrity of a buried structure, into which the ship descended.  The sand-filled terrain collapsed above the ship, sealing pilot, ship, and assigned astromech within the structure.

BTL-A4 unit 1204 systems scan revealed it was disabled beyond feasible repair.  Seemingly insentient arthropods attacked pilot Annlily Greenlan and R3 astromech droid AB10 unsuccessfully and were immediately exterminated.  Upon examination, the building which was descended upon was primarily made of stone common to the area with portions appearing to have been altered by sentient lifeforms.  Pillars and walls which held the structure were partially decorated with artwork with possible religious significance.

After the pilot pulled a sophisticated series of levers and switches, seven native, humanoid, sentient lifeforms were encountered.  They appeared to be no threat and asserted they, too, were trapped within the structure. AB10 analyzed for possible ways to resurface while pilot Greenlan and the other lifeforms introduced themselves.  

A sizable explosion from the surface which unsettled the blockade of sand that was trapping crew inside the structure.  A TRAST A-A5 Heavy Speeder Truck was found to be source of the blast.  The mission of the A-A5 crew was apparent to acquire Annlily Greenlan and R3-AB10 for a special ops Imperial mission, on which the two agreed to comply.  The native lifeforms were also let aboard the A-A5 to assist in the mission.  The crew consisted of a Nautolan named Laoch, a Chiss named Bones, a Tortuga named Alama, and a half droid with no name mentioned.

11:23:11 Closing file "Excursion 001"…

All for one, and one for all.

Annlilly and her Droid Abe have crashed on the barren desert of an unfamiliar planet after being fired at by an alliance x-wing unprovoked. Normally Annlilly relishes in the opportunity to explore new places, but seeing the dire circumstance they have found themselves in excitement is on the back burner. With their ship broken and sinking in the scorching sand will they be able to salvage anything? Will they be able to find help before the harsh desert consumes them?


Kazahk was born and raised on the planet Cotellier. The hazards of the desert no mystery to him. He found great solace in the abandoned temple he discovered lost deep within the sand, that was until a few of the towns people began to worship him and the temple as a strange DarNova cult. Constant followers aside he basked in the strong connection to the force that the temple provided. He had gained much in the years of study he had put into temple, But he felt it was time to venture out and find more temples and the like. He was gathering his belongings and began to say good bye to the place and people he had gained much from, when a large explosion shifted the sand above the sacred place sealing him and his followers in. What could have possibly caused such a large reaction, Was someone testing Nova Crystals in the desert? How will Kazahk and his followers get out of the temple alive?


Alama was enjoying a moment of meditation after her recent escape from Imperial clutches. With the help of Diomhair, a sneaky Bothan with force power like herself, they manage to secure passage to the last known location of Alama’s childhood friend. Resting in the cargo hold Alama reflects on the events leading her here and tries to clear her mind. The ship makes very dramatic maneuvers and takes a detour landing. Some battle between Alliance and Imperial star fighters had caused them to land on the nearby planet. Possibly stuck on whatever planet they have been forced onto Alama and Diomhair make their way into town to plan their next move. 


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