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  • Alpheios

    Personal log: Kazahk Dorn. What... what day is it? Damn, no clocks anywhere... whatever, it doesn't matter.

    I'm beginning to wonder if the Forssse is playing tricksss on me, or if it hass itss own agenda...

    We made it …

  • All for one, and one for all.

    Annlilly and her Droid Abe have crashed on the barren desert of an unfamiliar planet after being fired at by an alliance x-wing unprovoked. Normally Annlilly relishes in the opportunity to explore new places, but seeing the dire circumstance …

  • Excursion 001 - Entry 001

    11:23:05: Opening file: "Excursion 001"...
    11:23:05: Reading...

    Target destination was ultimately achieved after an uncalculated error.  An unidentified Imperial TIE/LN starfighter disabled BTL-A4 unit 1204 via laser …

  • Audio Log #1 - Kazahk Dorn

    Audio Log #1 – Kazahk Dorn

    Date, uhh… minutessss after the death of our homeworld?

                    We’re not exsactly accusstomed to …

  • Audio Log #2 - Kazahk Dorn

    Audio Log #2 – Kazahk Dorn

    Date, we really need to get a chronometer or ssomething…

                    We are about to depart to help Ama not die …

  • 001: Rootah

    15:03:56 Opening file: “001: Rootah”…
    15:03:56: Reading…

    R3 astromech series AB10, along with Annlily and Dilo, investigated the whereabouts of Rootah in the palace in Toydaria.  The appearance of subject …

  • Is this thing on?

    <Static> Useless piece of shit! <thud followed by audio feedback> much better, is this thing on? Mmmm sounds like it. I found this data recorder on one of the bodies we spaced back at the Den. If anyone gives a karking& …

  • Things are looking up.

    This is great. I thought this whole freelance gig was going to be for the dogs. Sure things were great working for Madam Looha. I mean three meals a day, all the cybernetics I wanted, any gun that caught my eye was mine. It was fun hunting down …


    EotE – Enter the Unknown = pg21


    Edge of the Empire - pg47


  • GAND

    Edge of the Empire = pg48

  • GANK

    EotE - Lord of Nal Hutta

  • GRAN

    Age of Rebellion = pg57

  • HUTT

    EotE - Lord of Nal Hutta = pg94

  • Cotellier

    Located at the end of the Sanrafsix


    **** RACES ****

  • Careers

    [[ …

  • Planets




  • Vehicles



    [[The Forager]]

  • Species

    ​​​​​​[[​CHAGRIAN …

  • Annlily Greenlan

    One day Annlily was sitting down and meditating by a fire when she had a strange vision. The Deity she believes in channeled her and told her she was meant for something greater. She was meant to do more than explore her own planet, she was destined to …

  • Kazahk Dorn

    Kazahk Dorn was born into a simple mining family on the Outer Rim world of Cotellier. He always had a special aura, and was capable of supernatural powers, making him quite the discussion topic around the mining colony. This also inspired him to study …

  • R3-AB10 (Abe)

    I am unit AB10 of the R3 astromech series assigned to ship BTL-A4, repurposed unit 1204, of the Empire's scout mission. My primary function is to assist designated crew to scout the galaxy for planets, outposts, bases, or units affiliated with the …

  • Rootah

    Not much to live up to when you’re known as nothing more then a worthless drunk who has only gotten this far in life riding off his mother’s reputation. Rootah is doing what he can to show that he is much more then her shadow, and fully capable of …

  • Vasaar Dhoon

    Power comes in many forms. What if someone could take on the very form of power itself? A world beyond limits, a life unbound by restraints. Vasaar is on the verge of such grand notions and wouldn’t dare let anyone or anything stand in his way.

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